Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ASMA ASFOUR, PALESTINE: Reactions to Israeli attack on flotilla.

We need to raise our voices against killing unarmed people who were in a human mission. 

The siege itself is against all human rights and as I think it will push people to commit violence. I'm calling here all peace activists, from both Palestinian and Israeli sides to put pressure on the Israeli government to stop killing.

In the previous month, indirect negotations have been started between both sides to achieve peace. But the question now, is Israel ready for peace? Does the act of killing unarmed people in a human mission help in the achievement of peace? I don't think so.

The fact that the killed people included not just Palestinians but people from other nations needs serious acts to prevent killing. How can people express their opinion? In a peaceful way. That how the people in the ships did that. But again, 9 of them were killed.

Again and again, I'm calling all Israeli people who want to live in peace to say "No" to all killings and also to break the siege. This is our real way to peace that I dream about.

Asma Asfour
Council Member, Ramallah 

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