Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ARSHI SALEEM HASHMI, PAKISTAN: Reactions to Israeli attack on flotilla.

Students of International Relations and world politics are often told to separate emotions from real politics. Crises are dealt with calculative policies and public outbursts are often ignored on the basis of being two emotional. Having said that, I believe I will have to for a brief period, leave being a political analyst and university faculty to express my views as a human being. Israeli insane action recently has not only disappointed the Muslim world but the peace activists in Israel are equally appalled by Israeli attack on humanitarian aid flotilla.

We in Pakistan are concerned because there were Muslims in the flotilla but also because of the fact that there were three Pakistanis from the media were part of this humanitarian effort.

If we look at the issue politically, it has united the people in the Muslim world like never before, but this does not mean that the regimes in the Muslim world are equally hurt by Israeli actions. The 126 people who are now freed by Israel were from 13 different countries. It is for sure that Israeli administration has emerged as the biggest abuser of the basic human rights in this age of globalization and “peace initiatives." 

Israel is encouraged not only by unconditional US support but the inactive, indifferent attitude of the Muslim regimes as well. Israel will think twice if there is no US support available for its unfair actions towards the Palestinians but also that a strong Muslim reaction would be forthcoming wherever there is any injustice done by the Israeli administration. It is so disappointing that many a times despite strong public resentment and agitation in Muslim states against Israeli administration; the Muslim regimes do not appear to comprise their short term interests and do not come up collectively against wrong actions by Israel.

 The actions taken by Turkey and Iran were little drops in the ocean but they did manage to get the attention of the world and particularly the UN and US. Jordan and the US managed to get the prisoners released by the Israeli government.

We have to wait and see if Israel continues with its highhandedness against Palestinian or reevaluates its unfair, unjust policies in the region.

Arshi Saleem Hashmi, SAVE Pakistan
Research Analyst, Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad
Adjunct Assistant Professor, National Defense University, Islamabad

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