Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Be part of the solution," by Robi Damelin

Let's go down the path of being right and not succeeding. Have you any idea how many times in a week I am tempted to throw in the towel and let someone else continue with this impossible task of trying to stop the occupation, trying to stop the blockade, trying to create a path to dialogue which if we are lucky will lead to reconciliation?

The lesson I learned from all of this tragedy is that the media feeds us with so much hatred and is so much part of the conflict. I heard and read reports from all of you---you did not even stop to take a breath before you were so sure that the Israeli soldiers were out to destroy the world. Of course it was idiotic to board the Marmara and our remarkable leaders could do with a large injection of wisdom. However, even the Turkish press has now printed pictures and concedes that many on this particular boat were not seeking peace. There are still a number of soldiers in hospital. The rest of the boats used non-violence and no one was hurt, and an incredible point of the stupidity and cruelty of the Gaza Blockade was made. 

SAVE has created wonderful experiences and opportunities for female activists in the security realm, and Edit and her devoted team have developed a platform for a new and powerful voice. So few people in the world are prepared to take a stand and make a difference, and how sad it would be to lose your voices. Please be part of a solution which we all pray for.

It is a little odd for you to get such a message from an Israeli mother, but it comes from the most honest part of me.


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