Thursday, June 24, 2010

"My journey towards peace," by Farhat Akram

Kashmir happens to be my motherland.

The name Kashmir is now synonymous with terror, war and torture. The worth and cost of peace cannot be better realized by anyone other than the generation that was born in a land of conflict where it is a prized and scarce
rather than an extinct—commodity. The childhood memories got registered in my mind and kept on resonating throughout my youth. Truly, I have grown up with a dream to see peace in Kashmir. 

 Once, while narrating the events to me, my father said that conflicts cannot end by starting another conflict but through peace and dialogue. At that time, the words just kept reverberating in my mind, but for many years I had no means or resources to do something concrete. That was major reason for starting my journey towards peace and taking concrete peacebuilding initiatives.

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