The SAVE Declaration

The participants of the first Global SAVE Conference developed and signed the SAVE Declaration in 2008. Since then, the following ten premises have shaped the SAVE's work and mission.

1. I, as a woman, will use the local and global networks of women to stop the killing.

2. I will inspire a new response to prevent terror, violence and discrimination.

3. I will create awareness for not stigmatizing the families of the extremists/terrorists.

4. I will support the young generation with non-violent alternatives in their search for a better life.

5. I will engage all forms of media for spreading the message of non-violence.

6. I will insist on peaceful resolutions to prevent escalation of conflict and violence.

7. I will promote a global dialogue for a future without fear.

8. I will raise my voice against all hostile states and politics that cause suffering.

9. I recognize the urgency to create “SAVE” spaces for a peaceful coexistence.

10. I will always remember those affected by violent extremism.

“Including women in the security arena is one of the greatest challenges facing all of us today, but times of crisis are also often times of opportunity—this is our moment as women to exercise our smart power and meet global challenges with competence and confidence.” –Edit Schlaffer, Founder and Executive Director of Women without Borders/SAVE on International Women’s Day 2012

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