Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Solidarity with victim of Delhi Gang Rape

"TWN are horrified and disgusted by the brutal beating, gang rape and death of a 23 year old university student on a bus in New Delhi, India. Violence against women and girls is a crime, legally, morally and ethically as well as being a worldwide problem.

The attack occurred December 16 while the women and a friend were riding home on a bus from seeing a film. 
The attack has highlighted the many problems of how India deals with the crime of rape. UN figures quoted in the Washington Post reveal that three-fourths of the perpetrators of India’s 24,206 rapes in 2011 are still at large, and that’s not even including the rapes that go unreported, which are thought to be the majority of cases.
TWN would like to extent its sympathy to the family of this woman and continues it call for greater resources to be deployed in the combat of this heinous crime."

The Training for Women Network in Northern Ireland has long been a partner of Women without Borders/SAVE 

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