Friday, July 9, 2010

The Diplomatic Insight: A New Voice (in two languages) For Promoting Understanding

Farhat Akram writes:

Greetings. I am currently publishing and a co-founder of The Diplomatic Insight. I have a great desire to work for peace and development and to take a concrete initiative in order to involve people from around the world. I want to join hands with others to work for peace and be a force for “Change” in the world, while looking beyond class, region, ethnicity, religion, gender and political affiliation.

In this regard my husband and I started an initiative to publish Pakistan's first English and Arabic bilingual magazine and co-founded The Diplomatic Insight. Our baseline idea was to create a forum where individuals from across the seas and a spectrum of backgrounds could come closer together to understand each other through information sharing and knowledge dissemination regarding various events and happenings in this strife torn world.

We believe that understanding of each other and knowing each other will reduce the level of conflict, and this is the main idea behind the whole publication.

The magazine, an English-Arabic bilingual publication, is first of its kind from Pakistan. The principle focus of the publication is to cover the activities of foreign diplomatic missions in Pakistan, the UN Agencies, International Organisations, Multinational Companies, Governmental Departments and Overseas Pakistanis around the globe.

The Arabic section of the magazine primarily emphasises the traditional brotherly love and affection of Arab world and the activities of diplomats based in Pakistan.

Since the UN official languages are Arabic, English and French, we are initially using the first two and intend to start in French in later stages, based on availability of expertise and language abilities.

The Diplomatic Insight aims to connect a widely diverse, multicultural community; to inspire action, provide publicity, and thereby create general awareness of burning issues. It will act as a bridge amongst the diplomatic circles to come together on one platform. Thus it strives to promote peace, interfaith harmony, understanding and cooperation among people, groups, and nations in a strife-torn world.

In addition, the magazine covers a wide range of issues reflecting culture, history of Pakistan. Moreover, besides the valuable outcome of exchange between foreigners, The Diplomatic Insight brings the activities of overseas Pakistanis into the spotlight, who are striving to earn goodwill for their motherland as ambassadors of their country.

The magazine has widened its scope by working with resident special assignment editors and representatives, special assignment editors. At the moment we have contributors from India, Spain, England, Australia, Malaysia/Denmark, Afghanistan, South Korea, and Germany.

We are looking for resident representatives and special assignment editors for the magazine to spread the message of peace and development through dialogue and collaboration. If somebody is willing to connect, kindly send us your short bio and consent to become part of our winning team.

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  1. Great initiative in the field of media, my husband Moazzam Ali Hashmi, is also associated with Farhat and Asif with the magazine, diplomatic insight.



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