Monday, February 15, 2010

Indian Student, Poem on Peace

“You came to show us your movie based on 26/11 terrorism, so I just wanted to give a poem on peace.”

—Alyka Haider, Delhi Public School, Jankipuram

     Peace Before Tomorrow

     The world today is full of conflicts
     Peace should come before tomorrow
     People dying human suffering
     Peace should be nailed inside your heart
     Killing and fighting doesn't make today better
     It makes life harder tomorrow
     Blood flowing like a river
     Rotten flesh as high as mountains
     Every hour just another pile
     Peace should not end by a war
     Peace should end by laying down your weapons
     Peace today could make guns into flowers
     Cannons into fireworks
     Peace is what should be done immediately
     It is always too late to wait until tomorrow
     Because hundreds die tonight
     Peace is easy for you and me
     And all it takes is to change your mind
     Your world could change before tomorrow
     And it could be right now

You can see "Surviving Terror" (the video that Alyka is responding to) here. This SAVE film is an 8-minute feature dedicated to the victims and survivers of the terror attacks in Mumbai in November 2008.

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